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Graduating at major Management Sciences in University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University , Nhan Nga has been approached to the most basic knowledge of business management and social management.

Throughout the years when she was a student, Nhan Nga has constantly learned and trained herself to improve her knowledge and skills which need for life and work. Beside study times, she has done some part – time jobs and participated in social activities and volunteer activities in order to accumulate more experiences. As a dynamic , enthusiastic and responsible manner, so she has always made good impression with her friends and everybody. In addition, during the time she worked as a collaborator at the Center for Academic Support and Consultancy and a customer service at a fashion shop in Hanoi, she always got the trust of customers.

In 2016, Nhan Nga started to work at NINH Service and Trading as Sales & Customer Service Manager. With NINH Service & Trading team who are not only dynamic, experienced also committed, enthusiastic and creative, she and her colleagues give satisfaction to customers with the professional services.