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Technical Manager

Duong Duc has graduated from Faculty of Mechatronic Engineering in Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

He is a creative, responsible and progressive person. With good skills and experience, he has found out the strengths when he has worked at the executive management of Ideasteh Join Stock Company, which was founded by himself and his friends. He also has been assigned as Technical Manager at NINH Service and Trading.

After graduation, Duong Duc has three experience years at different sections such as mechanical, electronic, embedded programming that has brought him a chance to work with engineers from USA, Indian, Sweden in Bac Lieu Wind power plant. He also supported German professors repairing crane machine that fostered his experienced skills and got more knowledge.

In 2016, Duong Duc officially assigned role as Technical Manager at NINH Service and Trading. In order to accomplish NINH Service and Trading’s mission, he has actively consulted and instructed for customer about technical matter. He and his colleague always effort to get incessant creativity to develop and improve themselves for the future growth of NINH Service and Trading